RECLAIM is a youth leadership and social change organisation. We are a small but bold charity, using our experience and platform to support and amplify the voices of working class young people. 

We exist to create a society in which being from a working-class background no longer presents barriers to achievement, success, or influence.

Our long term goal is to create a Britain where those from working-class backgrounds are proud of – and not held back by – our roots. We want working-class people to be represented in places where decisions are made about their lives and to be recognised for their talent, strength, and diversity. We want to see working-class young people at the heart of this, in a country that ensures that they are seen, heard, and leading change.

Thanks to RECLAIM, and the wider movement we are a part of, here are some headlines you will hopefully see in 2030:

Country elects first working class Prime Minister of 21st century

Social class made ‘protected characteristic’ in new law


Record number of accents heard in senior management and no longer seen as a barrier


Youth leadership and tackling class barriers added to curriculum


Record number of employers hire working class talent


Young working class to sit on Government’s education policy review


Councils agree charter for putting working people at the heart of decision-making


Not a flat cap in sight – national event celebrates Britain’s diverse modern working class


Class reclaimed – the inside story of the powerful multi-racial working class movement built out of our Brexit divisions

In a world that feels increasingly scary and hostile, particularly for young people, RECLAIM's work is more urgent than ever - and we need your support.

We are a champion for campaigns that are created and led by young people and use innovative and radical approaches to get attention. Take a look.

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