where it all began

Founder, Ruth Ibegbuna, set up RECLAIM in Moss Side in 2007 out of frustration at seeing so much wasted potential in young people; often written off due to their postcodes or through appallingly low expectations of their outcomes.

RECLAIMs aim, which still drives the charity's work today, was to end the leadership inequality that prevents working-class young people with talent, imagination, ambition and drive, from fulfilling their leadership potential. "We support young people who refuse to be silent: they fight for their voices to be heard". 

A message from our founder and former CEO, Ruth Ibegbuna

“RECLAIM has been my heart and my soul for over a decade and the young people we've supported are my greatest source of pride


We've built a charity with ethical, strong, community foundations; we've watched working class children soar, we've challenged inequality and rejected pity. We've marched for social justice and wept for child refugees. 


We've called out empty rhetoric and illustrated a spirited northern powerhouse; thinking critically, acting boldly and talking about class when no one cared to listen. 


RECLAIM is the most wonderful organisation and I leave as the proudest CEO in the UK, but it's finally time to hand over the reins. The staff team here are talented, warm and wonderful and I have every confidence in them to make the next ten years even more successful.


I am ready to pass the mantle onto a pioneering, courageous and authentic leader who can help to grow our mission and stay true to our core values. 


I will remain a close friend and Patron of RECLAIM while campaigning nationally around social justice and bellowing frequently about the glories of the North.


Thank you to all who have been my friends, supporters, mentors and critics.” Ruth x

Key campaigns


2008 National Crime Beat Award,

2008 Phillip Lawrence Award,

2008 Peace Activist of the Year Award,

2009 Manchester Woman of the Year (Ruth Ibegbuna),

2010 Plain English Awards,

2012 Phillip Lawrence Award (RECLAIM our Name),

2012 Manchester Young Woman of the Year,

2016 Spirit of Salford Award,

2016 Spirit of Manchester (Samuel Remi Akinwale).

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Email: info@reclaimproject.org.uk

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