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Creating policy change can often feel like a complicated and exclusionary process carried out by think tanks, lobbyists and big charities advocating on behalf of other people.


We think policy change should be as simple as:

  1. Find a problem

  2. Identify a solution

  3. Convince others your solution needs to happen


We also think that the best people to lead policy change that impacts young people are young people themselves.

When it comes to issues that matter to them and their communities the most, young people are not being directly asked what they want to see change. The Young Policy Makers programme here at Reclaim is doing just that: bringing together determined and passionate young people who not only want to see change, but lead it themselves. 

From January 2023 to December 2025, working class young people from Bolton and Leigh will be supported to campaign for policy change, in their local community and on a national scale. They will be asked about the issues that matter to them, and how they want to see them change. With the campaigning skills and knowledge developed over the course of the programme, these young people will then create a campaign to bring about the policy change that we need. 

Through Young Policy Makers, young people will ensure that they have a say in what happens, and that their voices are both heard and listened to.
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